Financing & Restructuring Advisory

Greenhill advises corporations, institutions and governments on a wide range of capital structure, restructuring and financing situations. We offer expert advice, extensive transactional experience and comprehensive services unconflicted by capital markets, trading or research activities.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Greenhill's Financing Advisory & Restructuring practice benefits from the experience of some of the longest serving professionals in the industry. Our track record includes pre-emptive recapitalizations, structuring and advice on public offerings, inter-creditor and shareholder negotiations, acquisitions and sales of distressed companies and assets, debt and equity exchange offers and restructuring and a range of other advisory services for a diverse client base. We strive to reach consensual deals that are in the best interests of our clients and we have an established history of brokering transactions in situations with divisive inter-creditor and shareholder issues.

Financing Advisory

Greenhill advises corporations, institutions and governments on their most critical financing decisions, including large public offerings of equity and debt securities, often for purposes of acquisition financing, rights offerings, strategic alternatives for minority equity positions and multiclass equity structures, private placements and funding alternatives, as well as a wide range of other financing based strategic decisions. Greenhill brings extensive experience negotiating and structuring tailored solutions for our clients with no conflicts from other business activities or product offerings to influence our advice.

Debtor Advisory

Greenhill provides a full range of advisory services to debtors both inside and outside formal bankruptcy. Our goal is to assist debtors by working with all of their stakeholders to implement restructuring plans that balance a pragmatic sharing of value between stakeholders while minimizing corporate uncertainty. We recognize that every situation is unique and that traditional solutions are not always best suited for our clients. Based on our years of experience and wide-variety of previous transactions, we assist debtors with thinking creatively about their options and selecting attributes of different strategic alternatives that can be packaged together into a compelling solution.

Creditor Advisory

Greenhill advises creditors and committees of financially distressed companies both inside and outside formal bankruptcy. Our goal is to help creditors maximize returns from distressed corporate situations and to work with other constituents to achieve that return in a timely manner. We understand that creditors may value the form of consideration and other terms of a restructuring proposal differently, and we work with committees to optimize the returns our clients receive based on their desired outcome.

Distressed M&A

Greenhill frequently combines the experience of its M&A and restructuring professionals in advising either buyers or sellers of distressed assets and/or companies. Greenhill is able to advise a client throughout the entire process, including identification of targets/buyers, participation in a sales process and court proceedings, if necessary. We look to identify creative tactical or strategic solutions to unlock value in every situation. We recognize that executing M&A in distressed situations requires incremental skills that are not always required within traditional M&A transactions. Some of these skills are working with a highly levered acquiror or target, managing the bankruptcy process, performing a valuation that can withstand court scrutiny and managing inherent conflicts of interest among different constituencies.

International Experience

Greenhill has dedicated professionals based in London and Sydney focused on financing and restructuring advisory and a strong track record of successful international restructuring transactions. Combining our international footprint with our independence, experience and analytical advice, we provide a high quality advisory service in major restructuring cases around the world.

Recent Transactions

$450 million
United States flag

Ziff Davis Media, Inc.

Advised Ziff Davis Media, Inc., a special interest media company focused on the technology and game markets, regarding its strategic alternatives and, ultimately, with respect to its recapitalisation effectuated through an exchange offer

$17.6 billion
United States flag

Adelphia Communications

United States flag
Time Warner Inc. and Comcast Corp.

Advised the Unsecured Creditors of Adelphia Communications representing $14.5 billion of value in Adelphia’s Chapter 11 proceedings. Advised on the sale of Adelphia’s assets to Time Warner and Comcast for $17.6 billion

$5.4 billion
Netherlands flag

United Pan-Europe Communications NV

Advised the Committee representing holders of UPC’s Senior Notes and Senior Discount Notes in the negotiations with UPC and its Liberty Media controlled parent company, UnitedGlobalCom, about a proposed balance sheet restructuring and recapitalisation of UPC

United States flag

American Commercial Lines

Advised American Commercial Lines, an operator of barges, towboats and shipyards, on its out of court restructuring

$230 million
France flag

Completel Europe NV

Advised Completel, an alternative telecom operator, on a balance sheet restructuring and recapitalisation agreement involving an exchange offer for €255 million in face value of public bonds (debt/equity swap), €30 million in new capital from two major shareholders and €8 million from certain bondholders


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