Special Committee Advisory

Greenhill is renowned for its independence, experience and discretion and is often called into special situations which require the delivery of unconflicted advice.

In many cases, this involves advising a Special Committee of the Board of Directors which has been formed due to the conflicts in relation to a possible transaction. Often our role involves not only assisting with a transaction process, but also delivering a fairness opinion.

Our Managing Directors and professionals in North America, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia, Brazil and Japan have advised the Special Committees of numerous leading companies as they have navigated complex transaction processes.

Below we highlight a few of the transactions on which we have advised in this area:

Most Recent Transactions

$51.6 billion
U.S.A. flag

American International Group (AIG)

Advised the United States Department of the Treasury (“UST”) on the full reduction of its 92% ownership stake in the insurer through numerous Secondary Public Offering Transactions

$834 million

Investments of AP Alternative Assets, L.P.

Athene Holding Ltd.

Advised the Special Committee of the Conflicts Committee of the Board of Directors of Athene Holding Ltd. in connection with the purchase of non-cash investment assets of AP Alternative Assets L.P.

U.S.A. flag

Guardian Industries

U.S.A. flag
Koch Industries

Advised the Special Committee of the Board of Directors of Guardian Industries, one of the world’s leading glass manufacturers, in connection with its recapitalization and sale of a minority stake to Koch Industries

$6.2 billion
U.S.A. flag

Tennessee Gas Pipeline and 50% of El Paso Natural Gas

U.S.A. flag
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.

Advised the Independent Directors of the Board of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners on the acquisition of Tennessee Gas Pipeline, a ~14,000 mile natural gas pipeline system connecting Texas, Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico with the northeastern U.S., and 50% of El Paso Natural Gas, a ~10,000 mile natural gas pipeline system connecting the Permian Basin in Texas / New Mexico with key consumer markets in Arizona, California and Mexico

$2.0 billion

Moorebank Intermodal Terminal

Acted as independent advisor to the Australian Government in a peer review of the proposed intermodal terminal linking Sydney’s major port with Australia’s road and rail system


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